Other Types of Addiction in Canada

Addiction is not regional to one demographic. Addiction is found in every region of the world at every level of society. Canadian people are susceptible to every kind of addiction, ranging from drugs, to alcohol to a great many more. Although drugs and alcohol are the most common addictions in Canada, there are a few others that are found to be particularly widespread through out Canada and much of North America. These addictions are sex, gambling, cell phones and the internet.

Sex is a very widespread addiction through out the world, and Canada is no exception. A large number of Canadians seek treatment for sex addiction, and many more are in need of it. Sex addiction is when a person compulsively involves themselves in and focuses on a particular sexual fascination. This is not limited to intercourse with other people. Sexual addiction can be to masturbation, pornography or a wide range of sexual fetishes.

Gambling addiction is another common addiction among Canadians and North Americans. Like sex addiction, it is an addiction to a behavior instead of a substance, but unlike sex addiction, it is not as direct a release of the brain chemical dopamine that indicates pleasure. A gambling addiction creates pleasure feelings through a long process of anticipation and suspense. There is a type of addict that is heavily drawn to risk taking, and those who develop a gambling addiction fit into this category.

Canadians and North Americans love their cell phones and internet, apparently a little too much. Addiction to these types of communication devices and digital mediums is increasing along with technological advances. Cell phone addiction is qualified by how heavily a person relies on their phone for communication, information and entertainment. Internet addiction is qualified by how heavily a person is on the internet to use social media sites and browsers by choice.

A number of addictions are found within the Canadian population, but every single one of them is treatable. Addiction is caused by underlying psychological, emotional, behavioral and environmental factors which can be eradicated through cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling. If you or a fellow Canadian in your life is struggling with addiction, reach out to an addiction treatment facility today.

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