Addiction Treatment in Canada

Canada is often discussed in the global media as one of the best countries in the world to live in, and one of the only countries where residents are still surprised when something goes wrong. Still, despite, how desirable Canadian residency is, its population still has its share of struggles, addiction being one of them. Canada is known as the most marijuana addicted country in the world, as well as a nation that struggles with alcoholism and a number of other addictive tendencies. Fortunately for Canadians, both the private and the public sector provide some of the best addiction treatment services in North America.

Canadian rehabs are taken very seriously. As a country with a reputation for accessible medical and mental health care, Canada’s addiction treatment services are of good quality at every income level. Every province and territory offers government funded rehabilitation services for those who are low income or have minimal recovery needs. Every region of Canada also offers private rehabs, detox centers and treatment facilities for those who are looking for a recovery experience more tailored to their needs. An individual may need a drug rehab in Alberta, a detox center in Quebec or an alcohol treatment center BC.

British Columbia is the province that has been found to have the worst substance abuse problems. This is a trend for all North American countries in the areas along the Pacific coast. Drug problems in particular are more extreme in British Columbia than anywhere else in Canada. In response to this problem, some of Canada’s finest addiction treatment facilities are located in British Columbia, ranging from basic and located within dense cities, to luxurious and found in exclusive, scenic locations.

Canada is a very unified nation compared to many others, with social sensibilities far stronger than those of the United States. Addiction, as difficult as it is too overcome, will not change that. Those who are struggling with addiction in Canada should be made aware of how accessible and reputable its addiction treatment organizations are and receive the help they need to overcome addiction today.

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