Drug Addiction in Canada

Addiction to drugs in Canada, both prescription and street drugs, is not a small statistic. The availability of drugs in Canada is widespread, and has resulted in steadily increasing numbers of Canadian drug addicts. This trend poses danger to Canadians as more and more street drugs are developed through questionable chemical processes, and the Western mentality of depending on prescription drugs does not seem to be fading any time soon.

Street drugs that are sold on the black market are typically the ones associated with drug addiction. All of North America has access to a wide range of street drugs, but some are particularly prevalent in Canada. Cannabis is the most commonly abused illegal substance in Canada. In fact, Canada is the country most associated with cannabis use in the entire world, primarily because it is located in a region that produces particularly potent cannabis plants. Canada also contains high levels of cocaine, meth and heroin use.

Although street drugs are commonly thought of when discussing Canadian drug addiction, the truth is it is prescription drug abuse that is rising faster in Canadian drug addiction statistics, and through out all of North America. Medical and mental health professionals are unsure why this trend is on the rise. Some parallel the trend to the rising trend of anxiety and claim that the ability to cope with hardship and with pain is drastically declining, therefore making people hyper-dependent on their medications. This is also the most dangerous drug addiction problem in Canada, causing a higher mortality rate than street drugs do.

Understanding Canada’s drug problems requires an understanding of why people abuse drugs in the first place. Psychological problems heavily influence drug abuse problems, and confronting them has proven to be the only permanent way of ridding yourself of drug addiction. Through out Canada are some of North America’s highest rated addiction rehab facilities and substance abuse treatment centers that can lead you through your addiction problems and into the light of recovery. If you are a Canadian who is struggling with a drug addiction, seek out the services of treatment centers in AB, detox centers in QC or drug rehabs in BC.

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