Addiction is a very complex concept which is quite difficult for most people to understand, it is a disease of the brain which is as a result of the continuous practice of an act or a habit.

This act usually becomes difficult to control irrespective of the resulting effect. People who are suffering from addiction, usually ensure none of their family or friends are aware of it.

All countries in the world are currently tackling addiction, and Canada is not an exception. No matter how developed a country is, the citizens and residents are not excluded from addiction.

Addiction is no respecter of persons, it can affect anyone ranging from someone who has the smallest cadre in the society, to someone who has the highest status in a nation.

On a broad basis, there are two types of addiction in Canada, and they are: Behavioral addiction and chemical-based addiction.

Behavioral addiction is a kind of addiction which is shown by act and conduct, and they do not need to be triggered by any external substance like alcohol or drugs.

This is an innate addiction whereby the addict has the consistent urge to provide satisfaction to their addiction, irrespective of the accompanying detrimental effect.

Some addictions in Canada are categorized under the behavioral variety of addiction, which is caused by societal factors like peer group, background and the community. Some of the behavioral addictions in Canada are gambling, partying, sex and the likes.

For the chemical based addiction, it is further broken down to drug and alcohol addiction, and these forms of addiction are the major ones in the world.

These forms of addiction have similar patterns, and they are featured by an uncontrollable craving to take drugs. Drug and alcohol addiction have been found out to be the leading causes of death in the world.

Owing to the fact that, Canada has one of the best medical systems in the world, it is a place where the addiction problem can be effectively tackled. Hence, all you need do is reach out to a health specialist or a counselor who would put you through.

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